Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How to Describe Project !!


1. IDLDPL (Indian Digital Life Style Distributors Pvt. Ltd.)
(Current Running Project)

Employer: Arete Consultants pvt ltd.

Profile: Software Developer

Duration: Sep ’08 to till date

Responsibilities: Involved in coding, Writing Stored Procedures, Views, Database Developing.

My Modules: Master, Stock Transfer, Stock Return and Other. And Whole User Part.

Environment: Windows XP SP2, Visual Studio 2005 Dot Net Framework: 2.0

DataBase: Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

Team Members: 5
Role: Design and Coding with Database.

Tools: C#.NET, Java Script, Ajax.

Project Description:

IDLDPL systems are fully integrated solutions, developed on 3 tier architecture. They provide a backbone foundation system that provides most of the day-to-day business transactions. They are designed to deliver a seamless integration of information and knowledge. These systems are very powerful tools that can provide significant benefit to any distributed departments.
In addition, these fully integrated systems establish a foundation platform for delivering Web-based services and transactions, providing additional value to the organization and its customers.

IDLDPL contains the following modules:-?

Masters – First interface for add Employer, Customer, Supplier, Products etc as well as all the dropdown down values like Bank name, Brand Name etc.

Sale – Generate Order Form, Order Purchasing Form, and Invoice all with Edit, View Copy and Detail Facilities.

Purchase – Generate Purchase Order, Receive Invoice all with Edit, View Copy and Detail Facilities.

Stock Transfer – Generate Stock Transfer Request, Edit, And View Than Dispatch. As well as Received Request with Data Base Update.

Stock Return – Generate Stock Return to Supplier and From Customer with same Process as like Stock Transfer.

Payment – Used For All Payment Sent and Received Purpose.

Other – Containing the Other Forms like Job, News, and Products Offers etc…

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