Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some Practical .Net Soultions !!

Que : How To Convet Uppercase later ?

Ans : Select UPPER (dir_name) as name from tbldirectots.
The out put will come like DENESH KUMAR, VIJAY SHUKLA

Que . How to get the image on the user page by DataReader ?

Ans : TitleImage.Imageurl=folderpath + dirv["au_page_image"].ToString() ;
Note : 1 . For getting the folderpath we use this code on .cs page public string folderpath =
ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["folserpath"].ToString () ;
2. This key is defined in the Web.Config file like that -
< key="folderpath" value="upload/">
3. Upload is the folder where the image is stored .
4. ImageUrl is like txt for text box of Image .Like txtname.text .

Que : How to show the Image on the User Page by GridView ?
Ans : By This Code
'/> Note : 1. In The Upload folder , image is stored there .Image has two things one Image and
second its name (boy.jpg)
2. Image Name like (boy.jpg) is saved in database's field like (dir_image) .
Mistake : One mistake when i was using DataReader .
Ans : 1. In the DataReader while loop are used . i don't know foreach loop can be used or
not , but when i was using it was not working .I was using foreach loop in DataReader and it
was not working ,it takes of time but did't work and ultimately i used while loop and i got
my task .
2. Sql DataReader DerDr=DirCom.ExecuteReader() ;
if (DerDr.HasRows)
{ while(DerDr.Read())
DirName=DirName + "" + DerDr["dir_name"].ToString() +" "

Que : What syntax is used for Back Button ?
Ans : < href="javascript:history.back(-1);"> Back

Que : A Query for select the fixed character ?
Ans : string str = "select top 4*,substring (pr_title,1,100) as detail from tblProjectMaster
where pr_active='yes'and pr_delete='No' order by pr_iddesc" .

Que : What is the Syntax for Back link and Forword link ?
Ans : Syntax for Back link and Forword link :
< href="javascript: history .go (-1)">
< href="javascript: history .back(-1)">

Que : What is the code for OnImage Click ?
Ans : < width="100" class="hometxt">
< href="'Upload/<%">' rel="lightbox > <
img src='Upload/<% Databinder.Eval(Container,"DataItem.image") %>' style=""bordercolor=""
width="" hight="" border="" />
On putting mouse over image this link will appear -
http://localhost:1713/smi/upload/sunset.jpj .


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sir i m an art graduate and due to less information about IT i dont know how to design my blog page. plz help me
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Maithili Mandan said...

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