Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How many types of Web Sites .

Since i am in the field of Web Site development . When i started developing website i dont know how many types of web sites and what is the purpose of these websites .We just started developing the websites. Gradually i come to know that how many types of websites and what is the purpose of all these websites.

There is are different types of websites and each have it own impartance.

A micro site
A mini site
A content site
A blog
A forum site
An ecommerce site

But today i would like to discuss two types of wevsites :
Firest is Contant Base Website
Second is E-commerce Website

A Contant Site : A Contant Site filled with contant.The contant would be in the form of informational articles.The contant would in the form of intersting videos(think YouTube),audio interviews, how to screencasts, image collection (as in flicker)

Example of Contant Site :


What are the contants: Educational, informative ,Intertaining
Although you can create one website about anything and everything, it’s better practice to specialize in a certain niche. So, you could build a site about beds and have articles about beds, videos on how to choose the right bed, images of different types of beds … If you absolutely need to write about chairs as well, you could easily just start a separate site about chairs.
What is the purpose of Building Contant Sites or Why we build Contant Site :There are some reasions - Attract and Retain an audiance : A website filled with useful, valuable, informative, educational or just plain entertaining content is one of the best ways to attract an audience and make them stay longer. And if you can add more content to your site on a regular basis, they will keep coming back over and over again.

Build a Reputation : It is much easier to build anonline reputation with a contant site than anyother type site of site. When people realise that you are constantely offering great quality contant, you will quickly be known as some one who they can trust whom they would tern to for information in your site.This reputation will go a long way in attracting even more traffic through word of mouth. And, of course, once you have a good reputation, it is much easier for you to profit from affiliate product recommendations and even your own products.

Entice search engine spiders : A well thought out content site is a powerful magnet for search engines. It is a fact that search engines cannot resist a site filled with great content. It is easier to rank higher in the search engines with a content site than a mini site. You can create unlimited number of content pages that can target a different keyword phrase each. This will give you more opportunities to be “seen”.

Generate incoming links : When you have a good quality content site, people are more likely to want to link to you. And often without you asking them to. More links to your site will push your rankings even further up the search engine results pages which in turn will drive even more traffic to your site.

Monetize with multiple streams of income

Another great thing about a content site is that there are multiple ways you can monetize it. You can earn affiliate income by linking to affiliate products in your content. You can promote your own product. You can sell ad space. Or you can participate in ad programs such as Google Adsense or Yahoo Publisher Network and earn some money each time someone clicks on the ads.

Secont is E-commerce Websites :
E-commerce websites allow shop owners to sell their products online. Users can browse the website, and add various products to their carts. They then can checkout by entering their shipping and billing information. The shipping information is send to you and their credit card is instantly charged. The funds are then deposited into the shop owners' bank account. The shop owner then sends the user the ordered products. This is the same process used at most major online stores, such as Amazon.com and Target.com.

With customizable shipping and tax rates, the shop owner is given much flexibility on how he or she would like their online shop to work. With almost unlimited products, shop owners can sell many varieties of products.

With more than 700 million potential buyers on the internet, the Internet is an opportunity that cannot be passed up by store owners. To view an example of an e-commerce website, click here. Once you have viewed our example, request a free quote, and we will contact you within 48 hours.

This project is based upon Online shopping (eCommerce Solutions)
When a online shoppers (customers) click on the buy button on the web site, they are taken through a secure shopping cart and checkout process (hosted on Payment Online secure servers) where credit card transaction information can be entered.

After processing the credit card online, authorization responses are then returned to your new online customers in "real-time" and a confirmation of sale is emailed to Admin and customers. You can then ship the goods to your customers.

Customers can track there all the transactions and their relevant history. They can buy online gift vouchers that easily redeems by this application

Admin easily to calculate the daily orders and generate daily, weekly, monthly basics reports.

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