Tuesday, December 9, 2008

.Net Questions and Answer of Different Companies

Dev Palmistry

Rose IT New Delhi 10 July 2007

Question1 : What is difference b/w Get and Post method ?
Question2 : What is difference b/w Asp and Asp.Net ?
Question3 : Connection based and Not Connection Based Object ?
Question4 : What is portals ?
Question5 :What is authentication ? How many type of Authentication module ?

Porteck India infoServics , Noida , 20 huly 2007

Question1 : What is MSIL ?
Question2 :Which Event occure in the Asp.Net ?
Question3 : What is the session state ?
Question4 : What is GAC ?
Question5 : What is Web Services ?
Question6 :What is Serilization ?
Question7 : What is index? And how many types of Indexis ?
Question8 : What is DTD in the database (Sql) ?
Question9 :What is authentication ? How many type of Authentication module ?
Question10 : What is Assembly ? What is the Private assembly and Shared assembly ?

FTechnologies Noida , 8 August 2007

Question1 : What is Structure and Class ?
Question2 : What is impartance of Web.config file ?
Question3 : How many types of Dll ?
Question4 : What is Procedure ?
Question5 :What is CLR and how managed code?
Question6 : What is Structure and Class ?
Question7 : Is it possible to run program without Web.config file ?
Question8 : Difference between Asp and Asp.Net?
Question9 : What is Assembly?
Question10 :What are Delegate?
Question11 : What is Database?
Question12 : What is difference between Table and Schema?
Question13 : Select all records from two tables without nesting and subquery?
Question14 : What is JIT and how many types ?
Question15 :Abstrcat class ? Necessary condition for class being abstract ?
Question16: What is Hash Table ?
Question2 : What is Mail Class?
Question3 : How would make class in .Net ?
Question4 : What is Procedure ?
Question5 :What is CLR and how managed code ?

R System , Noida , 15 Sep 2007

Question1 : How many Templets in DataGrid ?
Question2 : In Stored Procedure if there are 4 select stement then how many table show this statemanet?
Question3 : Where stored Shared Assembly ?
Question4 : What is Delegate and how would define ?
Question5 :What is Web Services and how u difine class ?
Question6 : How many events occure in between init() and load() ?
Question7 : There are three controls then in which order it will come in init() event ?
Question8 : What is caching and how many types of caching ?
Question9 : What is Event in the page life cycle?

Binary Scmantics Ltd , Gurgoan , 30 Oct 2007

Question1 : What is index ? How many Types of Indexes ?
Question2 : What is cruser ? What is the condition of Explicit cruser and Implicity Crusers ?
Question3 : What is Stored Procedure ?
Question4 : What is the condition for outer join ?
Question5 :Which command you would use to delete all the record but remain the structure ? Question6 : You will change where clase or you will use group by clause ?

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